Meet Shawn

Shawn Yancy is an award winning Washington, DC News Anchor and Artist.

She grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana surrounded by a creative and adventurous family. From an early age, her parents exposed her to the arts and encouraged her creativity. They taught her "if the dream is big enough, the facts don't count", and she's been pursuing her dreams ever since.

Shawn's passion for visual arts and performance led her to pursue a career in broadcast journalism, but a paint brush and canvas were never far from her hand.

Shawn enjoys working with a variety of mediums to achieve a truly unique experience.

“In my world as a news journalist, my life is black and white, there's not a lot of room for opinion. We report the facts, the news of the day and tell people's stories. My art allows me to escape the box with vibrant colors, paint brushes and my imagination to express my opinions and tell my own stories.

Like most artists, I've been drawing, painting, and re-assembling anything that wasn't nailed down since I was a small child; and things haven't changed much now that I'm all grown up. When I work with my hands painting and creating, I'm reminded there are no limits or boundaries! I don't believe in coloring inside the lines.”


Contemporary is all about contrasts, but I also strive to achieve a harmony and balance. My paintings are a mixture of colorful moods and emotions ranging from peace and chaos to pleasure and pain. I like to take my time expressing each emotion in my pieces.

When people look at my work, I hope they're able to get lost in their own emotions and find a place that's comforting to them.

Everyday life and its many colors inspire me. I find inspiration in sunrises, sunsets, the ocean, the beach, rain drops on flower petals and in people who make me happy.

- shawn yancy

shawn yancy art & design 2015
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